Meet sonnenCore

sonnenCore fuels and protects your home essentials with rechargeable battery power.

Why have a sonnenCore?

The sonnenCore is a sleek home battery that’s as quiet as a whisper and built with batteries that are 100% recyclable (at an R2 facility), so it’s good for your home and the planet.

sonnenCore is an evolution in the high-quality energy management solutions that sonnen has been designing for 10+ years.  sonnenCore protects your essentials from power outages, including keeping your lights on, your home network running and your refrigerator cold.  Reduce your reliance on grid power during peak demand periods with sonnenCore’s smart energy management capabilities. With the sonnen app and customer dashboard you can optimize your battery settings for backup, peak periods, and solar usage.

sonnenCore uses ultra-safe, durable battery technology that comes with an industry leading 10-year or 10,000 cycle product warranty.

Technical specifications

  • Power Unit

    Continuous output: (AC) 4.8 kW
    Peak output: 8.6 kW
    AC specifications: Up to 6 kW solar inverter
    Round-trip efficiency: >85%
    100% sonnen engineered inverter

  • Applications

    Time-of-use load shifting
    Solar self-consumption
    Emergency backup power
    On-grid pass through of 35A

  • Warranty

    Battery chemistry: Lithium-iron-phosphate
    Expected lifetime throughput: 58 MWh2
    Warranty: 10,000 cycles or 10 years3

  • Energy Capacity

    Usable capacity: 10 kWh
    Depth-of-discharge (DoD): 100%
    100% recyclable batteries1

  • Installation

    Standard dimensions (in) W x H x D: 27” x 68” x 11”
    With legs extended (in) W x H x D: 27” x 73” x 11”
    Weight (approximate): 348 lbs.
    Ambient temperatures: 41-122°F (41-104°F max power)
    Enclosure rating: NEMA 12 (indoor)
    Noise emission: < 25 dB (quiet as a whisper)

  • Certifications

    ETL listed to UL9540 (system)
    UL1741 / UL1741SA (inverter)
    UL1973 (battery modules)
    UN38.3 standards (shipping)
    FCC part 15 Class B compliant

  1. Requires use of a local R2 recycling facility or sonnen’s Recycling Program implemented at the US HQ
  2. Expected lifetime is based on sonnen's advanced laboratory modeling.
  3. Please observe applicable warranty conditions.
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