How the Pulsar Plus helps you manage energy better

  • Spruce Power is working to offer advanced technologies that enable homeowners to better control the energy consumed by their appliances and devices. Spruce has partnered with Wallbox to offer the Pulsar Plus, a Level 2 EVSE product that operates at 240V and can be plugged in or hardwired to your home. The device allows you to control when your EV is being charged, curtail charging activity and minimize charging energy costs. Take control of your EV energy use with the Pulsar Plus.

  • Pulsar Plus is designed specifically for the home, it is compact, economical and packed full of technology and features. Pulsar Plus is suitable for every plug-in vehicle. It is one of the quickest and smartest chargers available. Gain space, performance and control over your charging energy use.

  • Pulsar Plus has onboard intelligence that manages the smart functions of the charger within the charger, not in the cloud. Combined with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and the myWallbox app on your mobile device, you can take control of your home energy use, set charging schedules, use Power Sharing to connect multiple Pulsar Plus chargers, and more even when you don’t have an active Internet connection.

Product Features:

  • Real time charging control
  • Manage multiple users and chargers
  • Review charging data anytime
  • Smart and programmable charging schedule
  • Internet connected and controllable to allow your EV charger to participate in future demand response programs
  • Controllable with your smart phone
  • Notifications sent to your connected smart devices

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Charger

  • General Specifications

    AC Level 2
    Type 1 (SAE J1772)
    Dimensions (without cable)
    7.9x7.8x4" (201x199x101mm)
    25ft (7.6m)
  • Elecrtical Specifications

    Maximum Power
    9.6 kW (40A)
    Power Input Connection
    Cord connected (NEMA 14-50P) or hardwired
    Adjustable current
    from 6A to 40A
  • User Interface

    Charger status
    Halo RGB LED / Wallbox App / myWallbox Portal
    User Interface
    Wallbox App / myWallbox Portal
    User identification
    Wallbox App / myWallbox Portal
  • Connectivity

    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
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