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Why add battery storage to your home's solar energy system?


Spruce offers complementary
technologies to make solar-powered homes more resilient and equipped
for an electrified future.
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The sonnenCore is a sleek, safe and sustainable intelligent battery solution that provides simple energy management for your home. It is a great choice for Spruce customers looking to add emergency backup to their existing solar. We are a certified seller of the sonnenCore solution.


Tesla Powerwall

We are a licensed re-seller of the Powerwall, Tesla’s home battery system. The Powerwall is a premium and scalable home battery solution that will cover your critical loads or entire home in an outage.


Wallbox Pulsar Plus Charger

Spruce Power customers now have preferred pricing on the Wallbox Pulsar Plus, a Level 2 smart EV charger. The Pulsar Plus is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and is suitable for every plug-in electric vehicle. With the Pulsar Plus, you schedule your charging activity to better manage energy costs and control this all from your smartphone or tablet.

Pulsar Plus

Extended Service Agreement (ESA)

Leave the system maintenance and technical support to us. Our ESA is here to address homeowner solar system technical support needs and provide peace of mind when your solar warranty coverage has ended or the original installer is no longer active.

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