At Spruce, we focus on
renewable power. We want
the world to be a better
place and put nature first.

Spruce Power is a renewable focused Power-as-a-Service company. With roots in both energy efficiency and residential solar systems, our next generation product offerings will enable homeowners to securely store and supply power to their homes with affordable renewable energy. We are one of the first solar companies to offer retrofit home batteries and we are continuously evaluating partnerships to bring advanced EV chargers and smart home energy management devices to our customers. The future of power is distributed, clean and smart. Are you coming with us?

Integrity. Safety.

At Spruce, we are safety conscious, and we strive to ensure that our products meet or exceed industry standards for safety and quality. We take our values seriously, and hold our over 100 qualified service partners and trained in-house service experts accountable to ensure your system delivers the benefits you expect. Spruce takes a collaborative approach to working with our customers and partners to deliver mutually beneficial solutions to each of our stakeholders.

What we defend.

We are committed to all aspects of sustainability.


Spruce has partnered with the Conservation Alliance to support

grants that defend the wild places we value. Read more about

some of the important initiatives our partnership funds.


We are proud to offer a living wage of at least $17 per hour to all Spruce Power and affiliate employees.

Our Executive Team

Corporate Execs


Christian Fong (CEO, President)
Don Klein (CFO)
Jon Norling (Chief Legal Counsel)
Stacey Constas (Legal Counsel)
Sarah Wells (SVP, Finance and Sustainability)



Daniel Garcia
Derick Smith
Joe Petit
Robyn Kenkel
Sophia Washington