Spruce Lending, Inc. and Solar Service Experts, LLC are registered with the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry and hold applicable state licenses where required

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Solar Service Experts, LLC (NMLS ID # 1734138)
Arizona CA-0950346
City of Buffalo, NY 10116
City of New York, NY CAG18-10048614
City of Yonkers, NY 2078987-DCA
Colorado CAR-1000510
Colorado SFN-6000116
Colorado RSL-5001284
Connecticut CCA-1734138
Connecticut SFC-1734138
Florida SF9901792
Florida RS9909492
Florida RSB9909427
Hawaii COLAX 1042
Louisiana 43024022I
Louisiana #013493
Maryland 1734138
New Jersey 17175  (formerly 16726)
New Jersey 1904124
New Mexico
Texas 20200016  (File Number)
Washington 604-308-595
Washington 604-308-595
Spruce Lending, Inc. (NMLS ID #376223)  
Arizona CA-0916985
Colorado 991056
Connecticut SFC-376223
Florida SF9901186
Hawaii COLAX-912
Idaho CCA-9125
Idaho RRL-9199
Illinois CI.0004188-H
Indiana 376223
Iowa 88882972
Iowa 2010-0082
Kansas NOT.0025586
Kansas SL.0026555
Louisiana 40358032 I
Maine SVR11737
Maine SLM13469
Maryland 376223
Massachusetts DC376223
Minnesota 40422511
Montana 376223
Montana 376223
Nebraska 376223
Nevada FCA10536
New Hampshire 20357-SM
New Jersey 1100284
New Jersey 1100284
New Mexico
North Dakota CA102800
Ohio GL.501931.000
Oklahoma SL008348
Pennsylvania 51249
South Carolina SL-376223  (formerly S-8582)
South Dakota MYL.3072
Texas 206806
Texas 155874
Vermont 6721
Washington CL-376223
Washington, D.C. CS376223
West Virginia 2229-2001
West Virginia 2229-2001
Spruce Power 1, LLC  
Colorado SF-992107
New Jersey L069216
Spruce Power 3, LLC  
Colorado SFN-6000116
Florida SF9901917
Texas 2000068550-219272
Spruce Storage, LLC  
Texas 2100070328-220357
RPV Fund 11, LLC  
New Jersey 2004519
Texas 2000066938-218004
RPV Fund 12, LLC  
Colorado 994314
New Jersey 2004508
Texas 2000066941-218006
RPV Fund 11, LLC  
New Jersey 2004504
Texas 2000066943-218007



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