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We are a leading portfolio servicing solutions provider.
Backed by the expertise of financial, solar, and utility professionals we bring an industry-leading network of service and maintenance partners. We offer customers a comprehensive, end-to-end servicing solution.

energy customers across the United States.

in assets currently being serviced.

Full-Scope Servicing

Spruce Servicing’s breadth of services enables a unique full-scope servicing solution.

Financial Asset Management

In-depth financial services that span financial and operating reports, analysis, waterfalls & cash distributions, lender and tax equity partner management, tax services, and more.

Asset Operations

System monitoring and performance management tools combined with a broad network of partners for timely on-site maintenance or repair helps sustain high-performing assets.


Easy payment options and billing portal for portfolio customers along with streamlined payment processing, account monitoring, and end-to-end collections activities to ensure healthy and current accounts.

Homeowner Support

Dedicated US based homeowner support team and 24×7 online portal to answer homeowner questions on their agreements, system performance, home sales, refinance, and agreement transfers.

Account Services

Management of the entire customer account from start to finish, from UCC/fixture filing removals and system buyouts to performance guarantees and other end to end account services.

Servicing IT

From a full-service customer facing portal to intuitive reporting, Spruce Servicing offers full-stack technology implementation.

Financial Asset
Management Services

The proof is in the metrics. Through in- depth financial analysis and reporting, we’re able to provide detailed records for asset owners and 3rd party funds on financial and operational reporting metrics.

  • Monthly/quarterly operating reports
  • Audited financials
  • Waterfall and cash distribution management
  • Lender & tax equity partner management
  • Invoice payment and processing
  • Tax Preparation



We’re committed to making the customer’s payment process hassle-free. We offer easy payment options for customers.


  • Seamless remittance management and cash application based on the appropriate portfolio designation.
  • A coordinated collections program that monitors accounts, mitigates account delinquency, ensures maximum values are recaptured, and efficiently converts accounts to a current status.
  • A self-service Billing portal for the customer which allows them to manage payments and preferences.

Asset Recovery

The Spruce Servicing Asset Recovery team recovers delinquent balances while reducing the volume of future delinquent accounts.


  • Our collections specialists are real-time problem solvers focused on determining the root cause of delinquency.
  • We are dedicated to helping debtors find sustainable solutions while addressing customer concerns real-time for rapid delinquent balance recoveries.
  • We use industry leading collection and telephony systems to maximize customer outreach, comply with regulatory bodies and capture critical data for insights and performance management.

Fit-For-Purpose Solar Servicing

We are uniquely positioned to resolve underlying solar-related technical and commercial drivers of delinquencies:


  • Co-located with Customer Support and Asset Operations Teams.
  • Can address issues real-time for rapid delinquent balance recoveries.
  • Fit for purpose solution for managing residential solar delinquencies.

Account Services

Beyond just account support, we provide account solutions. Our account services include complete customer account management from start to finish. From UCC and fixture filing management and SREC reporting to performance guarantee and system buyout management, our team has the entire account spectrum covered, including:


    • Onboarding and booking
    • Transaction support
    • Incentive management
    • Quality assurance
    • Guarantee management

Customer &
Homeowner Support

Our customer and US based homeowner support team is the primary point of contact for customers after system installation and activation. They use a cutting-edge customer relationship management system.

Customer inquiries managed by the team include:

  • Home Sales
  • Refinances
  • Billing & Monitoring
  • General Inquiries
  • Escalated Customer Management

Asset Operations

Leave the system maintenance and technical support to us. Through a combination of system monitoring and performance management tools, our asset operations team is able to determine when a solar system needs technical support. Our network of high-quality service providers and solar professionals support the following maintenance activities

Data Aggregation & Monitoring
  • The Asset Operations team aggregates performance data across multiple meter and inverter technologies onto a single platform.
  • Data is monitored for underperformance, zero generation, and communication issues.
  • Utilization of automated queries and advanced data analytics streamlines the monitoring process.
Performance Management
  • Our technical experts remotely diagnose system performance issues.
  • Multiple inputs are incorporated into performance analysis including weather data, inverter level performance data, shade study data and system design details.
Dispatch & Work Orders
  • The team administers work orders using a cloud-based maintenance management system.
  • If on-site support is required, a dispatch is sent to a field technician within our nationwide network of service providers.
  • Service providers facilitate system repairs and manage the equipment warranty process.
  • Workmanship warranties and contractual obligations are maximized with initial installers to ensure value retention for portfolio owners.

Leadership Team

Derick Smith

Chief Operating Officer, Spruce Servicing

Chris Hayes

Chief Executive Officer

Arnold Ybanez

Senior Director, Customer Support

Sophia Washington

VP, IT & Enterprise Applications

Dan Dadufalza

Director, Asset Recovery


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