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Why add batteries to your home's solar energy system?

When disasters strike and a power outage occurs, it can be unnerving for family members, children, and even you. Basic comforts like refrigeration, Wi-Fi, and lights — or necessary items like medical equipment — are unavailable or compromised. A battery backup system removes those worries and brings a level of comfort and confidence to you and your family. A battery backup system will provide seamless power to critical load circuits in an outage, and it can run indefinitely when paired with a solar system. No long gas station lines or running around for fuel or a generator during an already stressful time — comfort and convenience are already right at home.

Hurricanes, wildfires, heatwaves, rolling blackouts, and rising utility rates that suddenly show up in a monthly bill can all leave one feeling powerless. A battery backup system empowers you to be in control during these unpredictable situations, make the best choices for you, and protect against rising costs. Battery backup systems can be programmed for versatility — including emergency backup power, avoiding utility electricity usage, or creating savings by shifting your solar system energy production to be used during primary times of use. With a battery backup system, control and potential savings are in your hands.

With a solar system, you are already making a statement and taking a step toward mitigating climate change. Home battery systems expand the versatility and impact of your solar system — and your mark on the world. Battery systems can be programmed to store excess energy from solar to provide power to your home day and night, eliminating the dependency on fossil fuel generation. The battery may also offer additional energy savings through better management of Time-of-Use (TOU) rates. That’s impact and potential savings you can feel good about.

Why Spruce?

Spruce is committed to providing clean energy solutions that make a difference for you and our world. We own over 50,000 systems, and manage and maintain 80,000, making us the largest owner of residential distributed energy in the United States. This allows us to bring the best products at a competitive price, easily install your system using our extensive partner service network, and wrap it all in a convenient and affordable financing package. Spruce up your home today with one of our battery systems.

The Benefits of Batteries

Emergency Backup Power

Self-Powered Home & 24/7 Access to Your Solar Energy

Shift Your Solar Production to Provide Savings

Affordable in an Attractive Finance Package

Solar + Battery + Smart Panel = Home Energy Control

Simple Steps to Obtain a Battery System

Spruce Battery Options

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