System Expansion

Your needs change over time, including your energy needs. Spruce is pleased to offer system expansion options to help meet those new and growing energy demands.

Why expand your solar system?

Solar expansions provide added energy for you, help save money, and support our planet.

Expanding Energy Needs

From the time you first purchased your solar system, you may have added a new electric vehicle, a hot tub, or other electrical devices that are now causing you to exceed your original solar system’s energy production. Spruce’s system expansion offering helps redesign your system in line with your energy needs.

Save Money

As your energy consumption exceeds your solar system’s production, you may start paying higher rates with your utility. Similar to when you first purchased a solar system, a system expansion can save you money on those utility costs.

Take Control

Rising utility rates and outages are out of your control. Paired with a battery system, a solar system expansion puts you back in full control and supports energy self-sufficiency with clean, renewable energy.

Why Spruce?

Spruce is committed to providing clean energy solutions that make a difference for you and our world. We own over 50,000 systems, and manage and maintain over 80,000. This allows us to bring the best products at a competitive price, easily install your system using our extensive partner service network, and wrap it all in a convenient and affordable financing package. Spruce up your home today with one of our system expansion offerings!

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